Fort Point

Saturday, January 30, 2016


United States
37° 48' 37.512" N, 122° 28' 36.8976" W
- You only need to RSVP if you are staying the night or if you have a special demonstration that you want to present (i.e. set up a booth, etc).  
- If you are only staying for daytime activities, please read the below note as well as the "general activities" section below.   
NOTE: please try to observe rank ratio within your units.  We would prefer to have more privates than elected rank, if possible.  It would be great if some people would volunteer to dress down instead of having a lot of sergeants and officers in front of the public at the fort.  If you do not have a specific impression to portray, and are going to galvanize with another unit, please try to bring standard issue federal gear (sky blue pants, dark blue sack coat, and a forage cap) so that each unit looks relatively "uniform" in front of the public.  Let me know if you have any questions about this. 

Overnighter Logistics
Please RSVP by Jan 24th if you want to stay overnight (Saturday January 30th only), please email Mike Musante (mikemusante the following info:
1) name (or names if multiple people)
2) unit and club
3) cell / home phone
4) email address
5) are you bringing a car (we need to get an estimate of how many cars will be parked at the fort overnight)
6) let us know if you are under 18 years of age. If so, and not attending with your parent, you will need to provide your parent's names and cell phones, the name of a temporary guardian, and complete a temporary guardian form

Overnight attendees should review the attached forms:
1) Overnight Logistics document:  Please read this carefully.  It is the same document from previous overnighters.  But please note that we will be enforcing a curfew policy where we expect everyone but the guards to be in their bunks at night after lights out.

2) Minor Temp Guardian Form: if you are under 18 and attending with another family, your parents must complete this AND sign the NPS volunteer agreement.  You must also give your parents' names and home / cell phone to Mike Musante.
3) NPS Volunteer Agreement: sign this if you have not signed one before.  Parents will need to sign it for minors.
To keep it simple, we will have a simple pizza / salad dinner (bring $10 per person to cover costs).  On Sunday there will be a simple breakfast (muffins, coffee, fruit, possibly some oatmeal, etc).  Reenactors will need to provide their lunch on Saturday and Sunday (bring a cooler or secure place to keep food).  

Mike Musante will only be present on Saturday.  But other members of the Fort Point team will be there for the entire weekend to help coordinate the Saturday evening and Sunday activities.  Reenactors are welcome to stay until 5pm on Sunday if they want, but most leave after flag raising.  The activities on Sunday will be informal and ad hoc, depending on public and reenactor turnout.   
The overnighter is only on Saturday night. 

General Activities and Rules for the Living History Event
- Musician demos, artillery drill and school of the company (infantry) will be held throughout the day
please try to observe rank ratio within your units.  We would prefer to have more privates than elected rank, if possible. 
- No caps, no powder
- No alcohol
- proper Union or civilian impressions required (confederates can galvanize)
- If possible, please arrive between 8am-9am on Saturday to set up. The Fort opens to the public by 10am.
- Unfortunately, sutlers can not sell items for profit due to NPS rules and the lack of space.
- Please try to carpool. Parking is very limited.
- Since we can not have open flame (firepits OR candles), you will need to bring battery operated candles for the overnighter. In the past I found some at TJMaxx (Homegoods), Costco, or Walgreens.   
- More details can be found at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Mike Musante (mikemusante cell 510-551-5128
Please take note of the following updates:
1) the event will go on, rain or shine!
2) Parking is extremely tight!  Please try to carpool if possible.  The NPS Rangers are asking that NO reenactors park in the spots in front of the fort.  We need those spots to get as much public as possible into the fort.  Please try to arrive early (between 8am and 9am), drop off gear, and park at the Crissy Field lot or the lot overlooking the fort.  The rangers will have parking passes to put on your dashboard.  They will also have a shuttle to help transport reenactors to and from the lots.  
3) the event is officially on Saturday Jan 30th.  The overnighter is ONLY for Saturday night Jan 30th.  Most reenactors that stay the night will leave Sunday morning after flag raising, but some will stay the entire day to greet the public.  It is up to you!  
4) discuss with your units, but some people should try to dress down to union private in order to observe an appropriate rank ratio (to prevent having too many officers and NCOs)
5) TABLE LAYOUT: for those setting up displays in the ground floor, please see the attached table layout.  In case I am not able to attend the event first thing in the morning, please refer to this layout!   Please let me know if I left anyone out!
We look forward to seeing you at the event!